Meridian Homestay Services (MHS) Homestay Standards & Compliance

Host Families

New Host Families

  • Comprehensive Host application completed by the Host, with all details confirmed by MHS
  • Working with Children Check completed by Host and received by MHS
  • Host references checked by MHS
  • Ensure Host complies with insurance requirements
  • Supplier contract executed between Host and MHS
  • Visit Host’s home, for the purpose of interviewing the Host family for suitability, this includes:
    1. Adequacy of the student’s facilities (bedroom, bathroom, living area);
    2. Cleanliness of the home;
    3. Access to public transport;
    4. Safety (e.g. stair cases sound, no trip hazards)
    5. General demeanour of the Host and family and their ability to enhance the Student’s Homestay experience
  • MHS presentation of the Host Orientation kit, explaining the contractual requirements and provision of other Hosting “tips”
  • The first visit by MHS takes 1 to 2 hours

Existing Host Families

  • Annual visit by MHS to ensure ongoing suitability and compliance to required standards
  • Regular “spot” check by MHS’ airport driver on delivering and picking up students
  • Annual confirmation of insurance requirements compliance
  • Annual confirmation of Working With Children check remains valid
  • Provision of a Host 24 hour emergency support service for issues relating to students
  • Provision of counselling support if so required


  • Homestay accommodation booked for student a minimum two weeks before arrival date
  • Invoice issued and on receipt of payment Homestay Host profile and Airport confirmation letter emailed to student
  • The Welcome and Orientation kit for the student sent to Host at least 72 hours before Student’s arrival
  • Minor student issues/complaints resolved within 72 hours
  • Major student issues/complaints resolved within 24 hours
  • For major issues unable to be resolved the student will be relocated within 12 hours
  • Complimentary student liability and personal effects insurance provided
  • Homestay extension policy in place for student’s benefit
  • Provision of a student 24 hour emergency support service
  • Provision of guardianship services, if required
  • Provision of counselling support if so required

Meridian Homestay Services

  • Adherence to Commonwealth and State legislation (e.g. The Commonwealth’s Privacy Act of 1988, Education Services for Overseas Students Act of 2000)
  • Secure data management of Host and Student details
  • Daily back up of all data relating to Hosts, Students and financial payments
  • All MHS’ staff have Working with Children checks


 Always a pleasure working with Meridian. Professional, courteous, and warm hearted. 

Brett Eldershaw

Director, Colourful Trips