Meridian Homestay Services (MHS) Homestay Standards & Compliance

Host Families

New Host Families

  • Comprehensive Host application completed by the Host, with all details confirmed by MHS
  • Working with Children Check completed by Host and received by MHS
  • Host references checked by MHS
  • Ensure Host complies with insurance requirements
  • Supplier contract executed between Host and MHS
  • Visit Host’s home, for the purpose of interviewing the Host family for suitability, this includes:
    1. Adequacy of the student’s facilities (bedroom, bathroom, living area);
    2. Cleanliness of the home;
    3. Access to public transport;
    4. Safety (e.g. stair cases sound, no trip hazards)
    5. General demeanour of the Host and family and their ability to enhance the Student’s Homestay experience
  • MHS presentation of the Host Orientation kit, explaining the contractual requirements and provision of other Hosting “tips”
  • The first visit by MHS takes 1 to 2 hours

Existing Host Families

  • Annual visit by MHS to ensure ongoing suitability and compliance to required standards
  • Regular “spot” check by MHS’ airport driver on delivering and picking up students
  • Annual confirmation of insurance requirements compliance
  • Annual confirmation of Working With Children check remains valid
  • Provision of a Host 24 hour emergency support service for issues relating to students
  • Provision of counselling support if so required


  • Homestay accommodation booked for student a minimum two weeks before arrival date
  • Invoice issued and on receipt of payment Homestay Host profile and Airport confirmation letter emailed to student
  • The Welcome and Orientation kit for the student sent to Host at least 72 hours before Student’s arrival
  • Minor student issues/complaints resolved within 72 hours
  • Major student issues/complaints resolved within 24 hours
  • For major issues unable to be resolved the student will be relocated within 12 hours
  • Complimentary student liability and personal effects insurance provided
  • Homestay extension policy in place for student’s benefit
  • Provision of a student 24 hour emergency support service
  • Provision of guardianship services, if required
  • Provision of counselling support if so required

Meridian Homestay Services

  • Adherence to Commonwealth and State legislation (e.g. The Commonwealth’s Privacy Act of 1988, Education Services for Overseas Students Act of 2000)
  • Secure data management of Host and Student details
  • Daily back up of all data relating to Hosts, Students and financial payments
  • All MHS’ staff have Working with Children checks


 With children in their family, we enjoyed singing and watching TV together. It was fun and also I was able to learn English from them. It was also very enjoyable when we went shopping with my Host mother. She took me to different shops and told me about the Australian culture. It was a great experience to be with my Host family for two weeks and I am very grateful. 


Japanese Student