About Us

Meridian Homestay Services is a Sydney based homestay provider with more than 20 years experience finding homes for students from all over the world.

The team at Meridian Homestay Services is one of the most established, professional, focused and client aware Homestay Agencies in Sydney.

The Meridian Team

Jane Holland

Jane Holland
Jane Holland

The owner of Meridian Homestay Services, Jane Holland, is always on hand to ensure students have a safe and memorable stay. Jane has hosted over 90 students in her home over a seven year period. Jane and her family enjoyed the experience hosting International Students so much she purchased Meridian Homestay Services several years ago to allow her to provide for Students Homestay requirements on a full time basis.

Jane is a qualified Counsellor and a member of the Australian Counselling Association. Jane’s counselling qualifications and experience prove very helpful in managing the various relationships which Meridian Homestay Services deal with on a daily basis. Jane likes to provide the best care and understanding for all students, hosts and agents.

Annalise Suvanwong
Operations Manager

Annalise’s experience is drawn from working in real estate and executive assistant roles across several industries. Annalise is responsible for student and Host relationship management, maintaining compliance standards and ensuring Working with Children Checks are current for all Hosts. Annalise conducts regular Host visits to ensure accommodation standards are maintained as well as checking Host insurance requirements are met.

Annalise is bilingual and has a “can do” approach to all aspects of Meridian Homestay Services operations.

Charles Holland
Financial Controller and IT Management

Charles manages the financial reporting and accounting requirements for Meridian Homestay Services and the insurance programme. He also oversees the front and backend of Meridian Homestay Services information technology platforms.


 With children in their family, we enjoyed singing and watching TV together. It was fun and also I was able to learn English from them. It was also very enjoyable when we went shopping with my Host mother. She took me to different shops and told me about the Australian culture. It was a great experience to be with my Host family for two weeks and I am very grateful. 


Japanese Student